One Miracle At A Time

We are a community of givers and artists who not only seek to publicize the plight of those suffering most in the world, but to actively and intelligently aid in their revival.

Each issue of our Philadelphia based charity magazine features a specific individual, or group of people who are suffering from an illness, or facing life-threatening poverty. We use the profits from the publication to provide a grant to pay for treatment, or to intelligently lift them out of poverty. We will also feature charity, non-profit and 501c3 profiles, giving exposure to the most interesting and effective charities in Philadelphia, and around the world. Although we have a focus on philanthropy, we are not solely a charity magazine. The rest of the publication is made up of illustrations, articles, photography and short stories submitted by our members. The members are also the eyes and ears of our movement, and can submit cases of individuals or groups who’re suffering and need our help.

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