One Miracle At A Time

One Miracle at a Time is a community of fundraisers, artists, and do-gooders who share the goal of transforming Philadelphia and the world. We all believe that if everyone gives a little bit, we can make a huge impact on our community.

The funds from our community of monthly donors are used to draw attention to high impact nonprofits and change agents and give them the resources that they need to further their missions and reach their goals. The organizations and individuals we partner with are experts in lifting people out of poverty and reshaping the community that we live in. We then document not only the impact these incredible organizations are making, but also our members’ talents and passions in a beautiful, quarterly print publication. As the eyes and ears of the movement, members in our community can submit not only their own art, writing and photography to the publication, but can also make claims for organizations that need our collective help to make an even bigger impact.

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