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Starfinder does AMAZING things for education in Philadelphia.


The follwing statistics were taken from Starfinder Philadelphia's web page.

"> Every year since 2008, 100% of our regularly attending seniors graduated from high school. By contrast, Philadelphia's public high school graduation rate is only 62%.

> On average, 91% of our seniors continue on to higher education. Compare this to the fact that fewer than half of Philadelphia's public high school graduates enroll in college. (That's less than one-third of all high school students.)"

Take a moment and reread those statistics. To say our hearts didn't fill up with joy and pride is an understatement.

Philadelphia had been facing a serious educational crisis that is crippling our youth. Dozens of schools have shut down over the last few years, leading to serious overcrowding and an overwhelming amount of students slipping through the cracks. The quality of the education they are receiving has deteriorated as well, with less and less being expected of these kids. Graduating high school is now a huge deal. The situation is dire.

The statistics of Starfinder are a necessary symbol of hope in these otherwise dark times. Starfinder is using soccer, teamwork, and positive discipline to help shape amazing futures for kids who desperately need it. Their slogan is, "Soccer for Social Change ... Leadership Beyond the Game," and it is the truth.

Philadelphia needs more organizations like this, and more importantly, more people putting in time and effort to really save our youth from the certain doom that is the public education system. In light of the injustices done to these unknowing victims, it is our responsibility as a community to help them achieve greatness.

(Starfinder is actually still working towards it's Fall 2013 fundraising goal of $75,000. That can get 150 kids into the program. That's AMAZING. It's going on until January 31st, so don't wait. Click HERE to help out.)


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