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August 2014

The Internet Age Transforms Charitable Giving: Ice Buckets Challenge Our Strategies


Of course, everyone likes to see their favorite celebrity doused in ice cold water.

Little wonder then that the phenomenon of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has rapidly made itself known in virtually every household, even reaching global proportions. One is hard-pressed at this point to find a realm of pop culture that it has not touched.

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The One Question Every Homeless Child Wants to Hear

ch building

When a child first walks through the doors at the Pennsylvania Covenant House’s Crisis Center in Philadelphia, he likely hasn’t eaten, bathed or slept in days. He’s met with the promise of a warm bed and a simple question: “Would you like something to eat?” The child breathes a sigh of relief. He has found sanctuary.

There are a record 1.6 million homeless children in the United States, a number that has increased sharply every year since the economic crash in 2007, and a quarter of all homeless Americans. (40% if you include the 18-21 year olds that Covenant House also serves).

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Texas is Killing Prisons Almost as Fast as it’s Killing People

Criminal Justice Reform in the Lone Star State

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Texas isn’t known for being the most progressive place in the U.S., to put it mildly. The tea party stronghold has some of the country’s strictest abortion laws, loosest gun control laws, and least LGBTQ-friendly laws. The bleeding red state has the highest percentage of uninsured people in the country. And yes, almost half of all executions take place in Texas. Oh yeah, and Ted Cruz.

But over the past seven years, the Lone Star State has emerged as an unlikely leader in the movement to reform one of America’s most deeply flawed institutions: the criminal justice system.

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