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A Call to Help Our Friend Lindsay

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Dear readers,

On Thursday, January 29th, a member of our family and a new first-time mother, Lindsay Jensen, was in a severe traffic accident and suffered a spinal injury.

Lindsay is the sister of an Omaat.org member and has a five-month-old daughter, Kenleigh, with her partner Tyler Nicholas.

The accident occurred when Lindsay was driving through the country in Michigan amid highly inclement weather conditions. She attempted to pull over to make way for an emergency fire department vehicle, when what she thought was the shoulder of the road turned out to be a large snowbank.

Lindsay's car then rolled over into a ditch, shattering one of her vertebrae, fracturing another, and paralyzing her diaphragm, impeding her breathing.

Now in her second week of recovery, Lindsay has been taken off of the respirator, and her doctors are hoping she will be able to eat without a feeding tube. She is now able to move her face and arms, and has experienced feeling in her legs.


Lindsay is making progress in physical therapy, but she is faced with a long journey in regaining the use of her lower body. Any help that she can receive at this time is of the utmost importance and is greatly appreciated.

Her friends and family have organized a collection to aid her with her needs and medical bills. We at OMAAT would like to ask our readers to help her in any amount that they can. Contributions can be sent to the Jensen family by clicking here.

The donations will be presented to the family at a Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction on March 21st, 2015.

We thank everyone in advance as we send all of our love and support to Lindsay, Tyler, and Kenleigh, and to their family and loved ones. Let's do our best to help this young mother get a full and speedy recovery.

By Bessam Idani

All rights reserved by Omaat.org

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