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Philly Works to House Its Citizens



In March of 2014, Philadelphia City Council announced a plan to create more affordable housing units in neighborhoods in need throughout the city.

The plan, called the "2,000 New Affordable Housing Units Initiative," an increase from the previous plan to create 1,500 new units, was launched in response to a severe and long-standing shortage in affordable housing options in the city in recent years.

In 2012, The Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia reported that a shortage of approximately a quarter-million housing units existed for low-income renters, following a steady decline in housing availability during the decade of the 2000s.

The City Council plan to address this deficit and the resultant socioeconomic disparity has been projected to create over 3,000 new jobs and generate over $850 million in revenue in the affected areas.

better tomorrows

Helping the People Thrive

With this burgeoning increase in the construction of affordable housing complexes, the work of community organizations in Philadelphia to ensure that the residents of these communities have access to all the services they require has become even more relevant.

Better Tomorrows, a nonprofit organization with various locations throughout the country and centrally based in Marlton, NJ, has been a mainstay in bringing this work to the Philadelphia area.

The organization's professed mission is to "empower individuals, families, and neighborhoods to thrive."

It accomplishes this mission by setting up a bases within the very communities it serves, from which it is able to promote "economic stability, educational success, healthy lifestyles, and strong communities."

One resident of a community served by Better Tomorrows was able to work together with its representatives to create a plan to continue to pursue her education, despite her severe economic strains and the responsibilities of caring for her disabled mother and two children.

We invite our readers to click here to learn more, and to make a contribution to Better Tomorrows.

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