Voices from Other Worlds: Twelve Gates Arts Brings the East to Philadelphia

Twelve Gates Arts brings the city voices of people in diaspora, and shows Philadelphia something about the outside world — and itself.

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Urban Farming in Philly Reaches New Heights


Cloud 9 Rooftop Farm is striving not only to be in harmony with nature, but with the current layout of the city itself.

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Five Places You Can Volunteer This Summer


As summer reaches its peak, OMAAT celebrates the season by sharing some of our favorite spots to engage in some invigorating and fulfilling volunteer work.

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Married On Sunday. Fired On Friday. What’s Next?


Now that marriage equality has been achieved, gay rights activists must look toward the future. Workplace equality is their next big hurdle.

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Philadelphia Celebrates the Life of Dr. King

Dr. King

On this day, Jan. 19, 2015, 47 years after the passing of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Philadelphians have planned a variety of events throughout the city to honor his life and remember his message.

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Child Sponsorship: What It Is, Why to Do It


Many organizations, such as SOS Children’s Villages, are carrying the torch of aid for children in need everywhere. OMAAT examines their important work and how it affects the world at large.

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Investing in Kickstart.org

When we were deciding which charity was going to be the benefactor of the OMAAT.org’s first issue, KickStart came up immediately. The staff at OMAAT.org has extensive experience working with international NGO’s, so we know the the approach to fighting the world’s worst poverty varies. We’ve all come to agree that the “teach a man to fish” method is far more effective then handing

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