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Next Board meeting-May 12, 2024

Official Board Meeting May 12, 2024

Next Board meeting-May 12, 2024

Date: May 12, 2024
Zoom Meeting called by: Margaret Kammer, President/CEO

I. Attendees

1 Margaret Kammer
2 Elizabeth Winston
3. Dylan Winston

II. Agenda Topics
1. Expectations
a. Moving Forward
b. Emotional support only…No fiscal cost
2. Business Plan
3. Vote: We authorize Margaret Kammer, President/CEO, to enter into agreements and open/close a business bank account for the sole purpose of receiving funding and paying only corporate expenses.
a. Business Account
b. Grants
4. Accounting and software
5. Employees and salaries
6. Timeline and deadlines
7. Future agenda items

III. Next Meeting ___June 2024

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