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My "knee deep into the muck" journey

Hello. Welcome. We are all one spirit, we are all one energy, we are all in this together. How can we be so contentious to each other when the world around us is all part of our energy. Has anyone else noticed that the more in-fighting and conflict there is the more natural disasters there are. The more anger and negativity that surrounds you the more negative bad stuff happens in your life. The energy you give off is what you receive. When I am down, depressed, and grumpy I have noticed my boss is harder on me, he finds my mistakes and points them out in a harsh way, and my life just seems lost and hard. Whereas, when I am calm, serene, happy everything seems to flow around me and work out correctly. It is amazing to experience the highs and lows of life and observe how they affect the world around you. My first exercise is to track, daily, this phenomenon and really delve into how we can all make our lives just a bit better. If you want to join me in this journey please let me know and we will start the conversations together. Otherwise, enjoy my talking to's never boring!

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I am striving to be the excellent person that I am and if I can help anyone out there be happier then I have accomplished my goal for the day.


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