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Things that I find inspiring

Everyday I find items, pictures, or sayings that just help me through each day. With your indulgence, I will share them with you ...maybe one or more will touch you too and make your day better.

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Abuse verses Mean

I hear a lot of chatter about how emotional and mental abuse isn't really abuse.  When I first started talking about my experiences, I had people actually say to me that "he is just being mean spirite

Why did you stay??????

I do hear this question a lot.  It breaks my heart because the person asking doesn't understand but then I realize it is my job to help them to understand. Why do women or men stay in an abusive relat


I am uploading a blog to directly quote Jennifer Williams-Fields.  She wrote this so well I could not post it.  This is me... You Can Get PTSD From Staying In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship PHOTO


About Me

I am striving to be the excellent person that I am and if I can help anyone out there be happier then I have accomplished my goal for the day.


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